Diet For Dogs Suffering With Cancer

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Cancer is very dangerous for dogs; it is amongst the highest leading cause of death in dogs. Almost 50% of the adult dogs suffer from cancer at some age of their life. Cancer is a deadly disease however if care is taken it is something that can be fought against and live a healthy life. When a tumor develops in some part of the body it does not only affect that part, in fact it affects the whole body. The whole body becomes weak and extra nutrition is required to keep the energy level up. For this you have to maintain a healthy life for the dog because that is the only way to give energy to the dog to fight against the disease. Now what diet does the dog need in cancer?

Proteins Proteins are needed for muscle strength which are actually the building blocks of dog’s body. Now you must note here that as much as the body needs protein so does the tumor. The tumor also takes a part of protein to grow. So this means that you need to increase the proteins in her diet to maintain the muscle strength. Fat The weight loss in cancer is due to the loss of fat that is caused by tumor. Cancer also causes a loss of appetite due to the tumor pushing against the intestines. There is also a reduce in the metabolism rate of the dog which further reduces the production of fat in the body. Adding fats to the diet will enable the dog to have a good energy level even when he/she is not feeling well.

Fish oil Omega 3,6, and 9 are fatty acids that are known for shrinking the tumors and lowers the inflammation. Fish oils are excellent sources of fatty acids. They will help reduce the tumor and ease the pain. It is recommended that you add 1000mg of good quality fish oil to your dog’s diet. It will maintain a healthy level of fatty acids in dog’s body and help them battle cancer with more ease.Carbohydrates It is mostly said about carbs that they promote cancer cells production in the body, however there is no scientific proof about that. Not all carbs are bad for dog with cancer. Some of the carbs contain vitamins and minerals that are actually very good against cancer. Carbohydrates are good for increasing the death rate of cancerous cells. Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet can reduce the risk of getting cancer and also reduce the tumor size. Carrots are a very good source of carbs for dogs. Fruits such as mangos and blueberries are also very good for dogs suffering with cancer. Supplements To be honest there are no supplements until now that have been scientifically proved to be good for helping with cancer or reducing the tumor size. There are many supplements in the market that claim to do so but there is none. Therefore, we recommend that you stick with natural and fresh ingredients because that is what your dog needs to have a healthy diet and strength to battle this deadly disease. So this was a brief article on what kind of diet your dog needs to fight with cancer and survive. Since cancer takes away the whole body’s energy, apart from medications we also need to take care about the sources of energy for the dog. Make sure that whatever you are feeding the dog is of highest quality, is fresh and meets all the standards of quality. You must consult your doctor regarding any allergies that the dog might have to ensure a better diet and a healthy body.

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